The Anti-Beyonce Protest At NFL Headquarters Was A Joke, All You Heard Was Crickets; Epic Fail!!!

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up, and they ain’t even gonna make it to this protest?

People who didn’t approve of Beyonce’s unapologetically black performance of “Formation” during the Super Bowl this year were supposed to protest outside the NFL headquarters in New York City on Tuesday morning. The media latched onto the “Anti-Beyonce Protest Rally” posted to Eventbrite, during which people were supposed to demonstrate against Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers and Queen Bey’s “race-baiting stunt” during the big game. OK, we also took the bait.

But the haterade was not to be drunk on this day. Police showed up to keep an eye on the event, the BeyHive showed up to protest the protesters, and… that’s about it. It appeared that few, if any, came to protest Beyonce’s performance, and the person who organized the rally was nowhere to be seen.

Source: Huffington Post

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