“People Are Getting Educated About This Plant” Stephen Marley’s L.A. Cannabis Launch

Photo Credit: Spin Magazine

Photo Credit: Spin Magazine

Stephen Marley, acclaimed Reggae legend, celebrated his father, Bob Marley’s birthday over the weekend in Hollywood Hills. Paying homage to his father, the night sparked some acoustic performances of classic hits like “Jammin” and “Three Little Birds”.

More importantly, the night marked the launch of Stephen Marley’s new company, Marley Natural, whom seek to create and market cannabis products and accessories. At the gathering, there were glowing cases with cannabis pouch packaging machines on display, as well as Marley-brand cannabis, pipes, oils, hemp-seed body wash and much more.

Alongside the products are labels carrying notices like, “Marley Natural promotes a worldwide vision for positive change” and “For medical use only.”

In regards to herb being a large part of Rastafarian life, Stephen Marley mentioned, “People are getting educated about this plant — not just a get-high thing, but what the plant is, was and what it has to offer as a plant. That is the greatest thing: People are getting educated and make their own decisions.”

Guests were advised ahead of time to bring any and all California medical-marijuana cards meanwhile those who didn’t had the option to fill out forms for authorization to purchase product, a similar process to what you would have to do at a cannabis dispensary. In addition to Marley Natural, entertainment and catering were available such as DJ’s, jerk chicken, open bars and even a booth in the outdoor patio in the back where guests could try a free sample of Marley herb.

Sales Rep for Marley Natural lays out oils and vials of marijuana. Photo Credit: Steve Appleford

Sales Rep for Marley Natural lays out oils and vials of marijuana. Photo Credit: Steve Appleford

A sales rep for Marley Natural was present at the booth to inform guests on the range of the marijuana products available such as thc gummies with lower levels of THC for those interested.

Stephen Marley had his own private stash of herb that he himself dubbed as “clean good herb.” A handful of relatives and artists were also present at the event as well, browsing through the first issue of Marley Natural, a new magazine that would be printed biannually.

As legal medical marijuana like cannabis oil san diego spreads throughout the states, entrepreneurs and activists have wanted an endorsement for Marley products for years. The process of creating Marley Natural began roughly three years ago when the family reached out to their entertainment representative.

As of this week, cannabis products will be delivered to three exclusive dispensaries in the L.A. area although accessories are available for shipment worldwide via their website. Eventually throughout the year, the products will reach other markets like those in Washington, Oregon and Colorado. Now, shopping online for cannabis seeds is easier. You can visit sites like https://amuse.com/california/east-bay and buy their products directly.

The Marley family will be strictly involved with the company while Stephen credits his father, Bob Marley, as being a “very, very wise businessman.”

Source: Rolling Stone

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