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ZONKED ON DUTY!!! Unconsious State Park Ranger Found In Patrol Car With Beer Between His Legs

A California state parks ranger is on administrative leave following a rather hilarious and compromising photo taken August 15.

The officer, Tyson Young, has been stripped of his peace officer status as well.

According to the anonymous source who took the photograph, Young was parked irregularly along State Route 254, aka  the “Avenue of Giants” in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

When the anonymous man stopped to make sure everything was okay, he saw the officer’s head slumped against the window. Immediately he reached through the open window and tried to wake the officer.

“I shook him, really shook him,” the man said. “And then I saw the beer between legs.”

After not being able to wake the officer, the man dialed 9-1-1 and then snapped this epic photo.


Before California Highway Patrol could make it to the passed out park ranger, he woke up and drove off.

According to the Lost Coast Outpost, CHP officer Patrick Bourassa said, “Young displayed objective symptoms of intoxication and was detained for a DUI investigation.”

Young was then taken to the Garberville CHP office where we was evaluated and subsequently arrested for driving under the influence, Bourassa said. “He was cited and released to a State Parks supervisor with a notice to appear in court.”

The officer being passed out in his car, while hilarious, was not what caught our attention in this story. It was the fact that he was stripped of his peace officer status. This punishment, while we do not disagree with it, is highly atypical of cops and DUI charges, or any charges against cops for that matter.

It is possible that Young, being only a State Park Ranger, lacks the full protection of the blue gusto, like other officers so frequently enjoy.

There are many cases of officers being charged with DUI and they either keep their job after the punishment, receive little to no punishment, or the entire thing is swept under the rug.


Source: The Free Thought Project


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