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Young, Talented Spoken Word Artist Kai Davis Explains Why When She Asks “F*ck I Look Like” [Video]

EarHustle411 and the writing staff enjoys poetry slams, spoken word sessions and other multicultural type of events where people express themselves and share what’s inside of them in a positive environment. We came across this video and we dare not take the time and opportunity to share it with the EarHustle411 family. It’s of a young lady named Kai Davis (who in our research of her) has been around for a while now.  In the following video Kai is expounding on the differences between black and white as it relates to education with a piece appropriately titled “F*ck I Look Like”.

Her words ring true and although somewhat graphic, the passion in her voice matches the frustration some people feel about why what’s good or better are commonly referred to as being  “white” is right.  So what’s wrong with being black and educated? Don’t blacks deserve the same opportunities as whites without being ridiculed or placed in a “category” because they just so happen to be “smart”?

It’s more than acceptable to be educated because having education makes you neither “black” nor  “white” just simply…educated.

Check out the video and share your thoughts:

Kai Davis

Video contains graphic language

You can find more of Kai Davis’ spoken work pieces on YouTube and be prepared to be “educated”.

Source: YouTube

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