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You Be The Judge: Did Donald Trump’s People Photoshop A White Model To Make Her Black?

Although no one is 100% sure about this, it appears as though the people behind Donald Trump’s campaign thought it would be a good idea to photoshop a white model in Trump merchandise to make her appear black.

Eric Ming, who currently works on another politicians Senate campaign, called attention to the photoshop flop on Thursday, when he tweeted:

The image on the left is from Trump’s campaign apparel store, where his supporters can buy everything from Trump shirts and hats. On the right is the original version of the photo, taken from the online store Jcgapparel.

Trump’s campaign team failed to comment on the photo, so it’s unclear what the reasoning behind making the model darker actually was. Perhaps it was done in an effort to combat the perception of Trump as a racist, given his past comments about Mexicans, Muslims, and the recent assault of #BlackLivesMatter activists at one of his rallies. If so, it turned out to be a big fail.

Eventually, the photo of the shirt was changed, as BuzzFeed mentioned. It now appears to feature a single, white model.

Photo Credit: donaldjtrump.com

Source: HuffPost

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