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You Be The Judge!! An Unfortunate Encounter At Enchanted Castle

Wow!! I can say the experiences with racism seem to be coming out of the most unlikely places.  This is truly disheartening and organizations that display behavior that is unbecoming just makes me not want to patronize them at all and expose their behaviors to the world.  There was a story regarding the White Palace Restaurant in Chicago that exhibited some very unwelcoming behavior.  Now another Earhustle411 follower has revealed her experience with the amusement park Enchanted Castle in Lombard, IL. She posted her unfavorable experience on Facebook.  I used to take my children to Enchanted Castle, if customers are getting experiences like this there’s nothing enchanted about being treated with disrespect and you’re a paying customer.  My grandmother would tell me to never spend your money where you aren’t welcomed.

Read her experience in its entirety as written on Facebook You Be The Judge!!

Disclaimer: Please note that all quoted text are NOT views of Earhustle411 or their writing staff.

Eboni Mills
Hello, I was reading your recent post regarding White Palace Grill and sadly its not at all surprised. I am usually one to try to defend establishments when it comes to the race card being thrown but since my recent visit at Enchanted Castle I am starting to keep my eyes a little more open. My family and I decided to take the kids to Enchanted Castle in Lombard on Memorial Day for a little fun.  Arriving there at approximately 3pm I purchased 5 wristband specials that they had going on for the holiday at $24.95 per person that included unlimited go cart riding and laser tag along with other rides that they have.  After eating we all decided to do Laser Tag together then Go Cart riding.


While getting off the go carts my 10 year old son was having a hard time stopping. The operator got so upset and was so rude to my son stating that everyone can get back on except him.  As he heard the other adults start to tell me what he said he stormed away to go plead his case to his manager mumbling ” it’s always these people.” I then waited there until he returned but them decided to speak with his manager. Before I can even express my true concern to the manager he immediately told me that my son told the operator to ” F off” and that the operator had no reason to lie on my son. None of the other 7 people riding the ride heard my son curse and when the manager called the operator over he said my son said ” this f***ing car won’t stop.”



At this point I’m ready to leave and want my money back. The manager gave me the general manager number that still haven’t returned my call.  Although, a refund is a major issue I am even more upset that my son was referred to as ” these people.” I will NEVER attend Enchanted Castle again. Truly an eye opener for the way young African Americans are treated today.

Personally I am appalled at any organization that treated their customers with anything less than stellar service.  For an employee to behave this way and in front of other patrons is truly unacceptable and then to fabricate a story to cover his/her own butt is also not tolerable.  If I were Eboni I would take my experience and send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.  As consumers we have a right to be treated fairly and with that being said we also must keep in mind that business owners also have the right to refuse services so while this company in my opinion did not handle this situation properly it is still fixable however when a customer has been “burned” by the company it wold take an act of God to get them to return.  So I would have to say that the Enchanted Castle as lost a princess for good.

Source: Quote published with permission of Eboni Mills from Facebook.com



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Venus L

    May 27, 2014 at 10:26 PM

    Great heads up! Enchanted castle will NEVER see a dime of my money! And I am for sure spreading the word!!

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