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Yes Liv Can ” The Invasion”


Many often wonder what was the actual motive behind her allegations and if they were even true. Was Yes Liv Can looking to gain exposure from fabricated publicity or was the point she is making to be taken serious? Well Liv states that the movement behind the Invasion series has come from watching Hip Hop slowly but surely deteriorate; this “Super” model turned emcee wanted something to be done about it. With all due respect yet courtesy to the current females of Hip Hop, Liv states that she sat around patiently waiting for her turn and her voice to be heard. Her point was not being felt as she made legitimate music for the industry to take into consideration.

Her plan evolved into a notion to fix Hip Hop before it was too late. For those who are not fully aware of the “Invasion” series, they can be described as intellectual clues that give insight on some well-known names within the industry; bringing thought into vision through video. The names that are being utilized as victims are because of her personal experiences with them; suggesting what the difference is between picking a fight and telling the truth. Even with that being said Liv feels as though it is all business and the fans are getting what they have long yearned for.

For instance, Liv speaks upon the legend Jay Z while working with him on a commercial set a connection was made between the two of them. It was not until they met again that numbers between the two were exchanged, with a motive from Liv to help further her rap career through business matters solely. Jay Z may have had other agendas on his mind as he never returned Liv’s calls afterwards. Liv states that if anything other than business were involved then maybe the two would have actually ended up in the studio together, working on a collab of some sort.

Liv does not even like to be called a female emcee due to the stigmatism that comes with it; feeling as though most of the current female emcees within the mainstream circuit suck. As a direct result she has not been able to take a liking to female rappers within a few years and the blows towards NICKI MINAJ were done purposely; for that very reason.

The Invasion part 1 where Nicki Minaj can be seen tied up and blind folded in a chair was said to have actually saved Nicki’s career. The gimmicks and outlandish flow that Nicki once utilized to reel in audiences of other genres came to a jolting halt after the video went viral. In fact Nicki Minaj fired her entire glam squad and went back to the look and sound upon entry level into the game. Liv’s response to it all was “thank me later”. As far as the Invasion part 2 that was directly towards Jay Z, his only responses were that of “I have no response”. By the time Liv got ready to drop the Invasion part 3 that was directed towards Kendrick Lamar a percentage of their mainstream audience had swayed into her direction; it is so that Kendrick had actually nibbled off her movement. By this time females within the industry either felt where she was coming from or knew to stand clear as the Invasion part 4 was slowly approaching…

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