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WTHeck!!! Senate Approves Bill Legalizing Sodomy

I tell you people your American dollars are really at work now!!!

The Senate approved a bill that makes sodomy and sex with animals legal. This authorization took place in late November 2011 in an overwhelming vote of 93-7 to approve which also included a provision that could repeal the military version of the law known as Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) on sodomy as well as the ban of sex with animals or bestiality.


What kind of place do we live in where sex with animals is justifiable or better yet normal. It is this type of perverted activity that boils the blood of law-abiding citizens.  This type of behavior goes in the same category of adults having sex with children, they are not able to consent to such activity according to the law.  Animals cannot consent either no matter what their animalistic actions may exhibit such as male dogs humping the legs of people surely does not give consent for a human to rid them of their being in “heat”.   It has been reported that approval of this bill has unwittingly unlocked the Article 125 UMCJ law.  Although the Senate passed the bill the military justice system can still apply punishments as it sees fit.

Below is the link for the description of Article 125:


 The American people are paying a heavy price for the lackluster representation they are getting.  While decisions like this are being made in Washington there are more pressing issues that need to be tended to rather than trying to impress the “left” side to make room for the “right” side to get what they want.  Seems like those military issues combat boots should be used for something other than stomping through the woods.

Peace and Blessings


Reference: http://www.examiner.com/article/senate-passes-bill-legalizing-u-s-military-to-practice-sodomy-and-bestiality



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