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WTHeck!!! Another Mother Charged With Infant Abuse

When you have a child, life as it used to be for you IS DONE!! It’s about the child…..Geez!!! This is really getting to be a trend that has struck the strongest chord with me.  Children are the great gift from God and these “ill prepared” and selfish parents (a loosely used term) can’t appreciate that and do what it takes to put the child first!!!  Put this one in the most far corner cell all to herself because she will not last in general population!!! WOW!!

Read about it as reported by ABC:

abusive mother

Police have charged a 34-year-old Raleigh mother with biting her 16-week-old baby and breaking the child’s ribs and shoulder blades.

Mary Martin Peele, of Okelly St., was arrested by Raleigh Police Department detectives Monday.

She’s charged with one count of felony child abuse inflicting serious injury and one count of misdemeanor child abuse.

According to arrest warrants obtained by ABC11, Peele allegedly broke 12 of her baby’s ribs and both scapula bones. She also allegedly made a deep bite wound on the boy’s shoulder.

The warrants list a date range between the end of May and mid-July for the alleged incidents.

Bond for Peele was set at $250,000. She was ordered not to have contact with any minor under the age of 18 without supervision.

Source: ABC


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