WOW!! Had Mimi Faust “Listened” She Would’ve Known Nikko Smith Was Married….K. Michelle Knew…Hmmm!!

K MichelleMimi found out about Nikko Smith’s marriage via a gossip Website, but had she been willing to sit down with K.Michelle, she might have learned about the secret marriage earlier.

“I was flown in to break the news about him being married and she wouldn’t film with me ‘cause they know my mouth,” K.Michelle told HipHollywood.com.

According to K., the show’s producers found out that Nikko was married, but instead of telling Mimi off camera, they apparently allowed her to find out on her own.

While some “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” viewers have questioned whether Mimi had any suspicions that her boyfriend was someone’s husband, K.Michelle confirmed that Mimi was in the dark.

“She really didn’t know that,” Mimi vouched. “That’s why I had to really tweet her. I poke fun and do jokes, but at the end of the day, you’re really not a bad person and you really don’t deserve that.”

Though they exchanged a few nice remarks as the scene aired, K.Michelle offered some clarity on her relationship with Mimi that might explain why she didn’t warn her about Nikko’s pending revelation.

“I love Mimi to death, but I don’t want her as my friend,” she said.

Source: Sister2Sister Magazine


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