WOW!!!…Man Divorces Wife Claiming She Slept With All Of The Wu-Tang Clan

divorce court

An estranged couple battled it out in Divorce Court over infidelity allegations.

Now, cheating is not something to laugh about, but this guy, Nathan Sellers, alleges his wife, Lia Palmquist, slept with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.

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Lia claims she received an “amazing opportunity” to get on the group’s tour bus after a concert. She then hung out with them all night at their hotel, “talking about politics” until 7 a.m.

Nathan had some hysterical commentary regarding this, including, “She gave Wu some Tang.”

Wu-Tang Clan

Lia still assured she did not participate in “bust-down” behavior (that means groupie), though even Judge Lynn Toller disagreed.

“You stayed out all night, got on a tour bus with a band or a group. I mean, that’s bust-down behavior, is it not?”

Watch the full episode below!

Source: InTouch Weekly
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