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WOW…Karma Ain’t No Joke!!! Rude Train Passenger Lands Interview With Rider He Told Off


Imagine walking into a job interview, and the person you’re interviewing for winds up being the same person you pushed, and cussed out, on the train earlier that day. Because that’s exactly what happened, according to the top recruiter at a venture capitol firm in London.

After Matt Buckland’s 24-word story was retweeted 14,000 times, he spoke with BBC more about the details:

“I was on my way into work on the Tube on Monday morning during rush hour. I stood to one side to let a lady get by, and ended up blocking a man momentarily. He shoved passed me, almost knocking me over, and shouted,” Buckland told BBC.

After the rude encounter, Buckland said his day carried on as normal until his 5:30 interviewee turned up: the same guy who shoved and shouted at him.

Buckland, who sits as the head of talent at venture capitol firm Forward Partners, told BBC that he had to excuse himself prior to the interview to go write the above tweet. By the time the interview was over, the tweet had been shared on Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook — which had already gained over 40,000 likes.

However, Buckland said that he chose not to be cruel to the hopeful job applicant.

“It was totally awkward,” said Buckland. “So I approached it by asking him if he’d had a good commute that morning. We laughed it off and in a very British way I somehow ended up apologizing”.

Did he get the job? Nope. “As it worked out, he wasn’t right for the role,” Buckland told BBC.

In a followup tweet, Buckland said the job was for a Python Developer, and he is still accepting applications.

Source: ABC7

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