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Women Arrested After Beating Mother With Sex Toy

Cara Claffy

A 35-year-old woman faces domestic violence charges after she allegedly hit her mother in the head with a vibrator, causing her to “bleed profusely.”

According to an Albuquerque, N.M., police report, Cara Claffy’s mom called the cops when an argument broke out as the two were watching TV, and Claffy escalated it by attacking her mother with a sex toy.

Claffy denied attacking anyone, claiming her mom walked out of the back room already bleeding, so she must have hit herself in the head with a vibrator. Of course. Happens all the time.

Officers also stopped a truck driven by Mark Sanchez, who told them he was waiting to pick Claffy up. They recovered an electric vibrator from the passenger side floor, and Claffy’s mom identified it as the same one she was beaten over the head with.

Police declined to describe the weapon in detail, and local news station KOAT politely referred to it as a “massager.”


Sources: Gawker & Smoking Gun

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