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Women Are Really Doing The Darn Thing!!! Congrats To The 1st Female NFL Coach & The 1st Female Fulltime NFL Official

EarHustle411 gets so excited when there “firsts” to report.  The following photo we found on Facebook really shows how far women have come.  Regardless of their color, women has been making moves in areas that has been dominated by men for many years.  Take a look at a photo that is most definitely going to find its place in history.  The 1st female NFL Coach and the 1st female NFL Official together.  We say it’s about time!!!

first femele NFL coach and NFL Official

Naturally some and maybe even majority of the men are not pleased with this form of change and that’s totally fine but one thing they cannot ignore and had better accept is the fact that the women are not going anywhere.

The days of male domination are over and women being good for just “T & A” are DONE!!

Congratulations to these ladies for taking life by the horns and making history in the process.

Source: Facebook (NFL Network)

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