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Woman Walks Around Free In Canada After Fatally Stabbing Her Daughters 76 Times

Sarah Augustine

Dennis Augustine is not happy that his sister, Sarah Augustine, is allowed walk the streets of Canada after she confessed to fatally stabbing her daughters, 5-year-old Rachel and 2-month-old Sophie. According to Canada’s City News, the heinous crimes were committed by the Canadian mother during a family trip to Dominica back in September 2010. Sadly, Rachel was stabbed 45 times and Sophie was stabbed 31 times. The troubled mother then tried to take her own life. She was later diagnosed with diagnosed with post-partum psychosis and bipolar disorder.


Sarah was charged with two counts of murder; however, the court system in Dominica did not have the expertise to handle the young mother’s case and severe mental illness. Her trial was eventually aborted and she was released into the care of Dennis, who ventured to the Caribbean country in an attempt to help his sister and bury his nieces. After bringing Sarah home to Canada, she committed herself to a psychiatric hospital only to sign herself out two months later. She has been a free woman ever since. Because the murders occurred in Dominica, the Canadian government does not possess the power to have Sarah committed or to prosecute her.


“The scenario that haunts me the most would be that she has some kids and nobody’s the wiser and nobody checks on her and it happens all over again,” said Dennis, who has been tirelessly trying to get the authorities in Dominica and Canada to take action. His efforts, however, have been unsuccessful.

“I feel like it’s my responsibility,” he added. “I’m not their dad, but I loved them. And I don’t know if anyone else has the stomach to do it. So I’m going to say something. And then I’ll be done with it.”

This is such a tragic story.

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