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Woman Says Michael Jacksons Ghost Molested Her Kids



Janice Brown, 32, of Dallas was recently arrested and charged with over 30 felony counts of sexual abuse. Over the course of three years, investigators said Brown molested her four children aged three to fourteen. Full details have not been released, but investigators claim the abuse involved inappropriate touching and oral sex. Brown’s long-term roommate finally stepped forward and reported the crimes.

“She my friend since we was two and I didn’t want to be no rat,” the roommate said. “But what I watched her do over three years made me sick to my tummy, especially when she started letting men pay to watch, and I could no longer keep my lips zipped even though I’d pinky swore not to tell.”

However, court records report a bizarre twist in the case: Brown claims her innocence saying ‘The Ghost of Michael Jackson’ molested her four children.

“I love that Thriller album,” Brown said. “But when I’d play Thriller the kids would start crying like somebody was beating them and I wondered what that was about. Now I know Michael Jackon’s ghost was molesting them. People say Michael touched kids when he was alive, so why wouldn’t he do it when he dead? I hope police hire the Ghost Busters to catch Michael Jackson and lock his ghost away forever. I know they got devices for locking up ghosts so they can’t escape.”

Brown said once she is exonerated she plans a lawsuit.

“I know Michael Jackson be dead, but once the Ghost Busters catch Michael Jackson, I think somebody still have all the money he made off this music. Maybe Janet Jackson or La Toya got it. I’m gonna sue them and take all they got for what Michael done. I still love Michael’s music, but Michael Jackson need to pay for molesting my babies.”

Source: Celebtricity



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