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Woman In Labor Forced To Ground At Gunpoint For Speeding On The Way To The Hospital

rachel kohnen

A pregnant woman in Iowa had a particularly difficult labor this week when she was held at gunpoint on her way to the hospital.

Rachel Kohnen and her husband Ben were going 30 miles over the speed limit on Tuesday morning in Fort Dodge, Iowa, as Rachel was in labor and felt that if the two did not get to the hospital soon she was going to give birth in a car.

Around that time, a police officer turned on his sirens to pull the couple over, but they kept going, ultimately being stopped when dispatched officers threw down tire spikes, blowing out the couple’s tires.

And now, in just released video from the dashboard camera of one of the officers, Rachel can be seen struggling to get down on the ground as multiple officers surround her with their guns drawn, this before being led off to the hospital in a squad car where she gave birth soon after.

The video, which aired on Good Morning America, also made it clear the couple had called 911 to notify them of the situation, but nothing was done in time.

‘[The cop] starts following me and he turns on his lights an my wife says we can’t pull over. The baby is coming now,’ Ben, who was driving, told NBC 13.

Said Rachel, ‘I did tell him not to stop.’

She then added, ‘I think I was screaming,  “Oh dear God, we can’t have the baby in the car.”’

And what a baby it was, as after the couple was driven to the hospital Rachel gave birth to her fourth child, Hazel, who weighed a whopping 10 pounds.

And while the Kohnens seem to be taking this terrifying incident in stride, and mom and baby are both doing well, charges may still be brought against the two.

Manson Police Chief Tom Ritts said that while no charges have been filed yet, it’s up to County Attorney to decide if that remains the case.

Here’s hoping these two get a break.

Source: Daily Mail

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