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Woman Discovers She’s EIGHT MONTHS Pregnant After Her Boyfriend Feels The Baby Kicking

Woman only discovers she is EIGHT MONTHS pregnant after her boyfriend feels the baby kicking

A California woman was shocked to discover that she is expecting her first child in just a few weeks, after her boyfriend unexpectedly felt their baby kick for the first time.

Abby Wake, from North Hollywood, California, had no idea that she was pregnant, despite admitting to experiencing some discomfort in her stomach, a feeling she put down to food intolerance. However, Abby’s boyfriend, Australian Jarryd Gorman, recently realized she might be well on her way to becoming a mom when he put his hand on her stomach during a concert and felt a kick.

‘I felt the baby kick and I looked at her and said, “I think you’re definitely pregnant,”‘ Jarryd told CBS Los Angeles. ‘[I said] we need to go see someone straight away.’ 

Abby claimed that she hadn’t felt any symptoms of pregnancy – no morning sickness or back aches – and added that she had always experienced irregular periods.

Woman only discovers she is EIGHT MONTHS pregnant after her boyfriend feels the baby kicking

Her stomach had grown, but the actress assumed that she has just gained weight and was experiencing bloating.

She dismissed the baby’s movements as bloating as well – Abby is lactose intolerant and thought what she was feeling was just gas.

‘There weren’t, like, kicks and huge movements,’ she explained. ‘It was just like gurgles.’

But when she and Jarryd visited Dr. Payman Joseph, a Van Nuys, California-based OB-GYN, it became immediately clear that she wasn’t just overdoing it with her milk intake – she actually had a child on the way.

‘[The doctor] was just, like, “32 weeks”,’ Abby recalled. ‘We were like, “I’m sorry?”‘ At that stage, the average baby weighs about 3.75lbs and is the size of a coconut.

Dr. Joseph insisted that though Abby’s predicament seems hard to believe, it happens to women more often than people think.

However, he added, this slim mom-to-be is somewhat different from most patients who don’t know that they are pregnant: ‘She’s very thin compared to a lot of the other women I’ve seen this in.’

The unexpected – and long undetected – pregnancy was a pleasant surprise for the couple, even though it left them little time to prepare for bringing a child home.

Abby said that becoming a mother one day was ‘really important’ to her, but she thought she would be waiting a few more years until she started a family.

She and Jarryd are now hurrying to get ready for the arrival of their son, Isaac, and have set up a GoFundMe page for the expecting mom’s ‘virtual baby shower’.

Source:  Dailymail.co.uk

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