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Woman Confronts Her Ex-Boyfriend & His New Girlfriend At A Grocery Store Attempting To Fight, New Girlfriend Opened Fire [ Video]

Woman Confronts Her Ex Boyfriend & His New Girlfriend At Grocery Store Attempting To Fight, New Girlfried Opened Fire [ Video]

An angry woman confronted her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend at a grocery store telling the new girlfriend to come outside to allegedly fight her.

She kept telling the woman to, “come on out the door.”  Although the new girlfriend told her she had a gun, the ex-girlfriend kept telling her to come out the door.  The ex -girlfriend told the new girlfriend she didn’t give a f@$k about a pistol.

The new girlfriend told her, ” you are not about to walk up on me while I have my baby. She then said, “You are going to show me some respect hoe.

As the ex-girlfriend tries to push her way to the new girlfriend, you hear two shots fired.


Check out the video below:


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