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Woman Allegedly Dies From Allergic Reaction To Weave Glue


Can hair extensions aka WEAVE actually kill you?  Indirectly, yes, according to a physician who speculates that Atasha Graham, 34, died from a possible allergic reaction to the glue used to apply her weave.  DANG!!! Who Knew!!!

The Daily Mail reports that Graham collapsed at a club where her boyfriend was the DJ. But this is no freak accident. Graham, who had reportedly used hair extensions for 14 years, collapsed after clubbing all night long into the early hours of the morning. The doctor speculates that the sweat from dancing may have allowed glue to enter Graham’s blood stream, in turn causing the deadly chemical reaction.

Home Office pathologist Michael Heath told the inquest into her death that the latex glue used to apply her extensions — or the solvent for removing old ones —may have been to blame.

“I’ve seen cases where people using solvent to apply extensions has actually caused anaphylactic shock.,” Heath said. “There are about ten to 20 deaths a year in this country [United Kingdom]; many more in America. I have seen four in the last three months.”

An autopsy failed to uncover any abnormalities with her organs or substances which could have caused her death. Even though she was drinking Hennessy and Red Bull, there was only “a moderate amount of alcohol in her body, which could not have caused her death.” Dr. Heath also reported that he did not find any kind of drugs or substances in her body.

Although the specific cause of death has not be confirmed, Heath explained during a hearing at London’s Southwark Coroner’s Court that this is not the first time he has seen deaths linked to extension glue.

While this death occurred in London, he testified that more deaths occur from this in America.

The statistics are shocking. Who knew that a beauty product used by so many in this country was actually killing people?

Graham’s tragic story, while not new, certainly supports the increased interest and growing population of black women turning towards their natural hair.


Source: Krnb.com





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