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Wife Murdered By Husband’s Mistress Then Kills Herself

wife murdered by husband's girlfriend

The girlfriend of a married man kidnapped his wife, shot and killed her, then committed suicide Thursday.

According to police, the married man reported his wife, 49-year-old Sandra Barnett, missing from Clayton County on July 15.

Clayton County is just south of Atlanta.

Clayton County police said they were alerted by authorities in Carroll County and Alabama that police were chasing a black Dodge Durango, which matched the description of the vehicle in Barnett’s missing persons case.

Carroll County police said that during the chase, the vehicle simply stopped in the middle of I-20 at mile maker 208.

Police said they saw the driver shoot the passenger, Barnett, then shoot herself.

Both women were found dead inside the SUV from the gunshot wounds.

Police later identified the shooting suspect, and driver, as the girlfriend of Barnett’s husband.

Source: CBS

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