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Who Let The Dawgs Out??… Puppy Bowl XI It’s Time To get Ruff!!


It’s that time again…Super Bowl Sunday is February 1, 2015 and EarHustle411 like so many football fans will be sitting in front of the big screen tv, watching the big game and enjoying various snacks.  So what do those who are not football fans do on Super Bowl Sunday?  Interestingly enough Animal Planet actually answered that question over 10 years ago when they aired the first Puppy Bowl.  What is Puppy Bowl? It’s only the 2nd highest rated program to take place on Super Bowl Sunday.

While most people will be gathering together in various places to watch the New England Patriots square off against the Seattle Seahawks, EarHustle411’s Media Correspondent SunShyne will be checking out the 2015 Puppy Bowl XI.  The cute pampered pooches will be running around eagerly trying to be the first to get the touchdown. The Patriots and Seahawks have their awesome starting line up however nothing can compare to this line up of Puppy Bowl’s Team Ruff  & Team Fluff:

puppy bowlpuppy bowl

Team Ruff and Team Fluff have been working their “paws” to the bone for this highly anticipated match up.  They’ve been getting themselves “groomed” for their Puppy Bowl debut, working their tails off in the Pregame festivities.  Take a look at the Puppy Bowl Pregame Show:

As you can see the competition is fierce this year and whether you’re running with Team Ruff or walking with Team Fluff the games are surely going to be “doggone” interesting!! We know the Most Valuable Pup will find his/her way into a new home as we hope they all do.  All of the Pupstars on Team Ruff and Team Fluff are up for adoption, many are with various agencies.

Check out more Puppy Bowl Pregame Footage and we’ll see you on the grid iron!!

Source: Animal Planet  YouTube

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