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White Woman Goes Bizerk On Two Black Female Soldiers Over A Parking Spot

The disrespect people display is despicable and in human. Our veterans are treated with about as much respect as a bag of wet laundry.  It’s sad that people don’t respect the military until they need them.  When a kneeling football player garners more attention than how the men and women who serve in the our nation’s armed forces are treated by everyday citizens, something is clearly wrong.

Two black women serving in the military encountered a disturbing display of racism over something as meaningless as a parking spot that the two soldiers in uniform never even tried to park in.  According to conversation posted to YouTube, they parked in a completely different spot. The white woman’s son is alleged to have encountered the soldiers and followed them into the restaurant where an unfavorable display of racism calling the ladies black b*tches, and lesbian b*tches among other names. The white woman who claimed her husband was handicapped apparently he was not in the vehicle at the moment she began to park her vehicle.

The white woman became quite livid and tried to take the black soldier’s phone because she didn’t want to be recorded or have her picture taken. This is probably one of the most disturbing displays of unnecessary behaviors we’ve seen in quite a while, most definitely against the very people who signed a blank check so people like her could have the very freedom and liberties she and her family has been privy too.

In what world is this type of behavior acceptable?

Where does it all end?

Source: YouTube

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