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White Woman Attacks A Swahili Woman For Not Speaking American

When will the blatant racism and hatred come to a screeching halt? We are all part of one race…THE HUMAN RACE!! People who have these personal afflictions with other races need to have several seats and get over themselves.  Another case of hatred has risen, a Minneapolis white woman viciously attacked a young woman in Applebee’s because she was speaking in her native tongue of Swahili. People’s actions against other races and class of people are so despicable and ridiculous, to waste money on trials for those who commit violent hate crimes needs to be stopped.

Read more as reported by Jambo News Spot:


photo credit Asma Jama

Asma Mohammed Jama also known as Mishy Ojama who is originally from Somalia but spent most of her time in Kenya before immigrating to the US was attacked after a woman identified as Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch, 43, and her husband became upset after hearing the victim speaking in  Swahili, a language commonly used in Kenya and it’s East African neighbors.

Burchard-Risch woman started yelling and insulting Mishy who had gone to the restaurant accompanied by her husband and her friends and their children.

Jodie Burchard-Risch, 43, of Ramsey, was charged Monday in Anoka County District Court with third-degree assault.


photo credit: Anoka County

Upon becoming aware of the commotion, a restaurant manager stepped in and tried to get Burchard-Risch to leave.

Charges filed in a MN court state that she refused and continued to yell at the victim and threw her drink at the woman. Then she “smashed” her beer mug across the Asma’s face in a “round house punch” motion and fled the scene, according to the complaint.

One of the restaurant’s managers followed Burchard-Risch out of the restaurant until she was arrested by responding officers.

She was charged with third-degree assault.

Police met with Asma inside the restaurant and noticed a deep cut across her nose, a cut on her right eyebrow and a large, deep cut on her lower lip.

Asma suffered trauma all over her face due to this attack. Her injuries required 15 stitches all over her face with busted lips, cut on top of her eye brow and cuts all over her face.

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She is currently going through care dealing with her injuries.

Family and friends are raising money to cater to Asma’s medical expenses.

Any donation received will go directly to her well-being.

Please follow the link below to assist.


Source: Jambo News Spot

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