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White Racist Woman Gets Slapped For Calling A Black Man A N****r



When President Obama recently joined Twitter he was met with racist howls and invitations to his own lynching. Also revealed last week was a not so neat trick where entering “n***** house” into Google leads one right to the White House. Add to that the unpunished slayings of numerous black men and women by police and one thing is apparent: Racism is as American as apple pie. One woman, however, learned the hard way that calling a black man a n***** to his face can result in bodily harm.

A white woman was caught on camera calling a black man the “N” word during Black Biker Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The woman was ranting about a black man at the event when another black man decided to use his cell phone to record the woman while she spewed racial slurs.

The black man recording the video can be heard asking the white woman why she’s calling the other man a n*****.  She said she had no problem with using the racial slur because that’s exactly who the man is. According to the woman, who identified herself as “Tara”, the slur had nothing to do with skin color, but behavior.

Things turn even uglier when the woman begins talking on her cell phone and describes the black man filming the video as a n***** as well. Then she turns to the man recording the video and tries to spit in his face. The man responds by slapping the woman.

Tara responds to the slap by saying, “That’s cool, you can go to jail for that you filthy n*****.” The man then responds with, “You just got the f*** slapped out of you.”

Although violence is never condoned, what did the woman think was going to happen when she called the man a racial slur and then spit at him? Watch the video below:


Source: Your Black World

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