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White Psychologist Proves Black Children Are Natural Geniuses; Could This Be Why Teachers Are So Hard On Black Children?

White Psychologist Proves Black Children Are Natural Geniuses Could This Be Why Teachers Are So Hard On Black Children?

Black children particularly black boys are often mistreated by teachers and suspended at a higher rate than that of their white counterparts.  They are often diagnosed with ADHD (find out more) and prescribed medication when in fact many of them are just bored with the subject matter and are looking for mental stimulation.

The media will have you believe black children are not as smart as other children when in fact many times they are much smarter and are not being challenged the correct way.

More and more black families are doing homeschooling and the children are surpassing children that are programmed with state sponsored education.

See what is reported from Thepycam:

In the American Journal of medical Genetics of 1985 of page 69 reads,

“Black babies are smaller than white ones but the smaller black neonate becomes the larger and more advanced child right through adolescence.”

In Social psychology on page 482 Lawrence S. Wrightsman is quoted saying, Psychologically, all the black children were found to be more advanced than European children of the same age”

There are so many African-American children that are prodigies or simply perform well academically but it is up to us as parents to ensure we create an environment for learning and keep the right things in front of our children.

We have somehow been convinced that we are inferior to everyone else in the world when actually it is quite the opposite. Expand your way of thinking, our children are capable of changing the world if we just believe.


Check out the video below:



Source: The py cam

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