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White Neighbor Gets His Butt Handed To Him After Threatening To Call The Police On His Black Neighbor For Talking Too Loud

EarHustle411 came across this interesting exchange between two neighbors and from what we gathered on Facebook the neighbors are black and white.  It seems the white neighbor penned a handwritten note to his black neighbor about his behavior while in his own apartment and basically threatened to contact the police if he didn’t “learn his manners” because his loud talking kept him from sleeping.

Richard Scott Brookshire III, MPA responded to the not so delicate and passive aggressive hand-written note in a more dignified but “here take that” manner. Brookshire opens the reply with “this letter serves as a formal response…”.  Now we all know when correspondence starts off this way the remaining portion of the letter will more than likely not get any better.   He also says:

“let me be clear in addressing my lack of bother for your grievance and resolve to not be coerced to remedial action by your idle threats or seemingly pervasive white tears”.

In addition to informing the neighbor that his note neither bothered him and was unnecessary not to mention unproductive nor is it the reason for the neighbor’s lack of ability to sleep well.  Brookshire lands the one-two punch to the neighbor by stating:

“Secondly, your lack of both interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence reflects poorly on you as a neighbor and frankly an American.  As one of the only tenants of color occupying this building at full market rate. I find it personally abhorrent that you’d levy the threat of involving the authorities for an insignificant infraction such as the one you noted in your poorly written and ill-thought-out correspondence.”

Brookshire gave this neighbor the absolute business and a lesson in idle threats to boot.

EarHustle411 thinks a BOOM!!…is definitely in order!!

Take a look at both pieces of correspondence posted to Facebook:

Source: Facebook

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