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White Minnesota Man Follows & Pulls A Gun On A Black Man Thinking He Was A Drug Dealer [Video]

racial profiling Demetrius

An African-American man in Minneapolis told police he was sitting in a car negotiating a car purchase with another man when he noticed someone photographing him.

Demetrius T. got out of the car and began investigating the strange behavior of the man who was photographing. That’s when Demetrius says the man, who is white, pulled a gun on out.

“You just pulled a gun on me!” Demetrius, 29, can be heard saying in the recording, according to KMSP. “For no reason at all… that’s crazy, that’s crazy.”

Demetrius says he didn’t know the man had a gun when he approached him.

“That’s why I had my video rolling,” he continues. “I never knew he had a weapon. I wouldn’t approach anybody who had a gun.”

After the man drew the gun, he and Demetrius were engaged in a heated argument during which the man with the gun told the 29-year-old he thought he was a drug dealer.

“You saw two black guys having a conversation in the car and you started taking pictures,” Demetrius reportedly told him. “When you see me walking down this street, because I’m black, you got nervous and you pulled out your gun.”

Demetrius says none of this would’ve happened if he weren’t black.

“In my personal opinion, had I been Caucasian, had I been Mexican or Asian, he wouldn’t be taking pictures,” Demetrius says.

A statement issued by Minneapolis Police Department says police “mediated” the dispute and no crime was committed.

Source: Breaking Brown

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