White Man Says Thousands Of Blacks Killed By Police & White Supremacist Militias After Hurricane Katrina, They All Didn’t Drown

White Man Says Thousands Of Blacks Killed By Police & White Supremist Militias After Hurricane Katrina They All Didn't Drown

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During an interview, an elderly gentleman by the name of Malik Rahim talks about the utter devastation that took place within 72 hours after Hurricane Katrina.  He said the aftermath was barbaric and nothing could have prepared him for what came next.

He said the people saw no hope especially when they saw that the state, city or government was not trying to help them, all hell broke loose.  He said once the horror stories of what was taking place in the convention center started leaking out the whole dynamics shifted from being a disaster to a complete tragedy.

Malik went on to say that in the area he was in, there was white Militia’s that took up arms and made them do a paper bag test.  If they were darker than a paper bag they couldn’t get through to get help, they were forced to stay in the condition they were in and could not leave.  The Militia had blocked off all the streets.

The fireman and police stopped doing their jobs and became guards right along with the militias.  He said one minute they were doing rescue work and the next they were pulling guns on the people.

The Interviewer then switched the interview to Scott Crow, Co-Founder of Common Ground Collective who talked about how hundreds if not thousands that were killed by White Racist Militias after Hurricane Katrina.  He said it’s one thing if they drowned but he saw bodies riddled with bullets.

He said the men looked like the KKK without the hoods.  They were driving around in trucks drunk pointing and shooting at black people; not anyone else, just black people.  He said both the Militia and Police were out of control and were shooting black children and calling it Pheasant Season.

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