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White Man Says He Loves Black Women But Hates Black Men…Is This Even Possible?

The latest buzz on the internet is a post from an unidentified white man and by his own admission that he loves black women but hates black men.  He claims to not have any male friends that are black and quite honestly does not want any.  This “admission” seems to have been posted in earlier this year and how it slipped past the EarHustle411 staff is unknown but we’d like to our readers to sound off on this one.

How can a person from another race have “love” for the black female while despising or hating the black male.  We understand that love is love however, if a black man were to say they love white women but hate white men, they’d be burned at the stake like Joan of Arc.  With the blatant racism that’s going on in and has been for many years, what are your thoughts on this man’s admission as it is posted below?

Why do I love black women but hate black men?

This is a serious question. I prefer to date black women because I find them very sexy and beautiful and I find educated black women to be very self-assured and confident. But to tell the truth, I have a deep dislike for Black men.

white man with black woman

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Is this normal? I hate to admit it but I don’t have any Black male friends and I don’t care to have any.
I don’t know if it is competition that makes me not like them or what. I even annoyed when I see a good black woman with a black man. I feel like she should be with a white man. I havent told anyone about this, not even my girlfriend who I’ve been with for 2 years. I am not racist obviously because I love Black women and will probably marry my girl. Why do I feel this way? Is this normal?

Source: Ask Kissy



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