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White Man Confronts Black Man Who Was Beating A Black Woman At The Waffle House [VIDEO]

White Man Confronts Black Man Who Was Beating  A Black Woman At The Waffle House!!!

Most men with good home training know you’re not supposed to hit women. Apparently a customer at the Waffle House didn’t get the memo.

While customers were dining in having breakfast, a commotion was over heard of a man beating a women at the restaurant.  While most of the patrons sat and watched while turning a deaf ear to the man abusing the young lady, an ex war Veteran decided to confront the punk and take the situation into his own hands.

The War Veteran who we will call “Big Daddy” saw the man put his hands around they young ladies neck and walked over to check the man about his disrespect towards the young lady.

“Big Daddy” said, If you touch her again, you will be my mother F***ing breakfast as he snatched the man up by his shirt.  He then said, ” what are you going to do to me?”

The whole indecent was caught on a cellphone as “Big Daddy” shook the guy like a rag-doll all while talking to him like a daddy scolding a little boy.

He then said,” Shut the F**K up so we can eat our breakfast, now how about that he yelled.

Another man tried to pull “Big Daddy” off the guy only to be threatened to get his butt kicked too.

Check out the video and let Ear Hustle 411 know how you would handle this situation.

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