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White Male Vlogger Confesses That All Whites Globally Stick To A Code To Oppress Blacks

A video has surfaced recently where a white man has given up the goods on the actions of white people and it does not seem too far-fetched until he stated that white people come from another planet and are not human however some of the things he said does make the light bulb go off in your head.


Photo Credit: YouTube Video Screenshot

In truth the way they act makes most believe they are from outer space, however this man’s claims that white people stick to a code to oppress black people is not too far from the truth.  Can we say with 100% certainty that all whites don’t have the same thought process?  No we can’t but as of lately, we can say for certain the actions of whites have gotten to be more bold and are mimicking the days of segregation.

The man says that we (meaning whites) are actually a minority, how interesting is that?  In addition, he says that whites come from outer space and are not all completely white and they come to control the world and they all have a secret language under each other and no matter how “nice” they pretend to be they all stick together in order to control the other races.  He clearly says whites do not want to share their wealth and knowledge and have no good intentions with any other race.

Well if that isn’t some truth for you!! You be the judge and share your thoughts on whether this man is onto something or is what he saying hogwash!!

Take a look at the video:

Source: YouTube

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