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White Christian Man Says The White Establishment Is Afraid Of A Free Educated Black Man With A Rifle [ VIDEO]

White Christian Man Says The White Establishment Is Afraid Of A Free Educated Black Man With A Rifel [ VIDEO]

Ear Hustle 411 came across a very interesting video that we felt compelled to share will all of our viewers of all nationality.

A white Christian man tells the truth about why America is afraid of Black Lives Matter and other black empowerment and economic groups and why they are tricking the American people and bringing fear by referring to #BLM as a hate group while constantly trying to promote a race war.

The gentleman says, ” White America don’t want the system to change.  He goes on to say the last thing the Democrats or Republican establishment want to see is black America rise in the economic ladder; or to experience real liberty, real freedom and constitutional freedom.  The thing that scares the establishment the most is a free Educated informed black man with a rifle. He then says, “ That’s horrifying to the system.

The ultimate expression is a free black man who knows his rights and knows his history.  That image is very frightening to the establishment.

Why is it that every other ethnic group has opportunities afforded to them to grow and build  yet blacks ar not allowed to leave generational wealth?  Why does the media contribute to the lies that black people are the scum of the earth and not worthy of the goodness of life when blacks built this country for free and not one dime has been given to them as given to the Native Indians, Irish, Japanese or the Holocaust survivors?

Why do blacks always have to be told to pick themselves up from their bootstrap and figure it out when in fact the system was built to deliberately destroy blacks particularly black men and to massacre the black family who was once considered one of the strongest groups?

We shared a story where  the medical community was poisoning blacks and where a white police officer told why white police officers were killing black people and he used the bible to explain it.

If faced with the same horrific and demeaning situations that Black people have suffered by the hands of White America for hundreds of years  as well as by other nations across the world, which group would have risen as quickly as the black man?


Check out the video Below:


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