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White Bullies Beat Up An 8-Year Old Black Boy For Defending His Sister After Telling Her To “Go Back To The Cotton Farm”

Racially motivated attacks are at an all time high and the victims seem to be getting younger.  An 8-year old boy named Jordan Jackson and his sister J’Niaha are the latest victims of what appears to be a racially motivated attack that occurred at Spanish Lake Primary School in Geismar, Louisiana.  The young man was defending himself and his sister from a group of white bullies, all whom were older.

photo credit: Go Fund Me/Facebook

photo credit: Go Fund Me/Facebook

The culprits were allegedly throwing mulch at the young boy and his sister.  The 8-year old Jackson told them to stop the bullies allegedly told them to “go back to the cotton farm” and then he was pushed and slammed into the ground suffering a broken arm as well as a concussion.  It’s reported the incident led to post-concussion syndrome affects that includes dizziness and headaches.

The young man apparently has had to make several trips to the hospital resulting in the accumulation of high medical bills.  The boy’s parents had been advised by the school that is was not a matter for them to get involved in nor are they liable due to it was after school hours when the incident occurred.

Jackson’s family has set up an account and are seeking donations to assist with the medical bills their son has accumulated so far and according to the Go Fund Me page any funds donated above and beyond the initial request will be donated to charity.

EarHustle411 and the writing staff wishes the young man well and a speedy recovery and we pray that this unfortunate incident is resolved with the proper justice the young children deserve.

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