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White Boys Fight At The Kentucky Derby; Did Mainstream Media Miss This One?

EarHustle411 has posted stories about young people brawling in the past and we know those videos had gone viral and were reported on several news outlets for days and days on end.  Unfortunately those videos primarily involved African-Americans.  We came across a video on YouTube where a fight took place with some white boys at the Kentucky Derby on the Kentucky Oaks Infield.  In the video people just stood around and watched these young men pound on each other while some can be heard yelling “World Star”.   What is interesting about this is the incident was not shown on the news and the video has gotten very few views.  Fox Sports reported about it but brushed it off as a humorous interaction of “preppy” testosterone.  From what we could see the fight appeared to be a 3 against 1 altercation.

fight at the kentucky derby

photo credit: YouTube Video Screenshot

EarHustle411 has to ask the awkward question; why is it when blacks are captured on video brawling it seems to be a big deal and when whites are captured doing the same thing the situation is downplayed as if it a rare occasion?   The fact of the matter is ignorant behavior is just that ignorant behavior whether it involves whites or blacks.  This video is disturbing because one of the boys can be seen kicking another boy while on the ground and after he is kicked he doesn’t get up.  We don’t know what prompted the fight but what we do know is there was very little talk about it.  Could it be this matter didn’t go viral because the altercation involved some of the kids of the “elite” versus the “urban ghetto”?  We’d like to know your thoughts about this matter.

Check out the video as posted on LiveLeak’s YouTube Channel:

Source: YouTube

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