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Wheeling, IL Funeral Home Approved To Serve Liquor To Funeral Attendees

What kinda shenanigans is this?? Losing a loved one is bad enough but then to allow a funera to “serve” liquor to the funeral attendees is just ridiculous and irresponsible. EarHustle411 can see a trend forming with this.

Read more as report by WGN:


Photo Credit: WGN

WHEELING, Ill. – A village in Illinois has approved a measure that will allow a local funeral home to serve alcohol to mourners.

According to the Daily Herald, the Wheeling, Ill., village board voted Monday to approve a new liquor license for Kolssak Funeral Home, allowing them to serve alcohol during funerals and wakes.

The move was then amended to require that food also be served alongside the alcohol.

The Daily Herald reports that David Kolssak, CFO of Kolssak Funeral Home, attended a Dec. 7 board meeting to make his case for teaming up with a local catering company to provide alchohol to funeral and wake attendees.

“Right now we’re pioneering, we’re out there looking far out, thinking these things could change the life celebrations at a funeral home,” David Kolssak said. “The spirit of this is not to do nothing but help people at a time of need.”

The Wheeling board approved the amended resolution by a 5-1 vote.

Trustee Bill Hein, who cast the only dissenting vote, argued, “I consider this to be an ancillary use, and I don’t think liquor licenses should be used for that,” according to the Daily Herald.

One voter abstained: Village President Dean Argiris, who is a staff member of the funeral home, therefore having a conflict of interest.

Under the resolution the funeral home can serve alcohol to funeral and wake attendees from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The business will pay $900 for the liquor license in the first year, the Daily Herald reports.

Kolssak Funeral Home is located at 189 S. Milwaukee Ave. in Wheeling.

Source: WGN

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