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What’s Your Style For Spring 2014: Trends To Die For


It’s Spring time! With all the snow that has fallen, we could use a glimpse into spring. Just like the seasons, fashion is ever-changing; the thought that we have to stick to what matches simply bores me. We put colors together such as black & white or red & blue together because it matches. We use these colors because this is all we know when it comes to colors that match. You can mix colors and patterns as you choose.

One can create a new look with trying new prints and patterns and understanding that the color wheel presents many color choices. This will allow you to bring together color concepts that most believe could not possibly go together. The thought that prints should only be matched with solids is simply not true , if so fashion would be unbearable ennui. You can bring these trends together to create new looks and usher in true personal style……..easy with all the great looks coming off the runways this give me a reason to rejoice in excitement.

Fringe is in, pleats are back with a vengeance, crop tops to make you look hot, sheer is here to stay and the mix match of different patterns and prints That’s art at its best, and Cool Culottes giving fashion this season ……..a reason. I like what’s happening in fashion this Spring & Summer. Things that you thought you couldn’t put together…….you will this season and its all the rave.

CYMERA_20140313_230113 MIX OF FABRICS prints, patterns and the use of different fabrics and color, this allows you to escape the mundane of ‘matching-matching’…….sweet This is the ‘Ish‘ the real deal ……wow!!!  Just to come out of the ‘Fashion Norm’………this is just what the Stylist ordered. I’m loving this new way of dress. It gives you freedom in the way you want to look and bring to life your style.    CYMERA_20140313_230538

 FRINGE is in, the bohemian chic must have look…………this is what’s ‘Diva-Hot’  are wearing this season. Haute Couture at its finest, this brings in the sexy (check out ailexpress.com for fringed skirts starting @$12.00). When you get dressed with this look you are definitely saying something. We’re talkin’ Fringe handbags (Charlotte russe has them for just under $30.00), Fringe shoes, even Fringe jewelry add some bold accessories to the look, you create an undeniable look. We all love sexy and bold!!!


SHEER & CUT-OUT look is………. ‘Diva-Hot’ this is so sexy and sophisticated. This blue dress is a great look for spring and summer. You can work sheer in so many ways, that easy day look with a pair of metallic flats or a wedge sandals. Create that edgy hot evening look, with a nice pair of stilettos…….. a great clutch bag with some fringe and you are ready for the night life.. No matter how you wear it, you will definitely be fierce.



PLEATED SKIRTS love-this-look………….because of its versatility its light and flowy,  very stylish. You can wear it to a Boardroom meeting put a tank on add a cardigan sweater with a pair of ballet flats or pumps work ready.  I love what this designer did with the pleats adding the silver  in-between the pleats creating character………Priceless!!  Dress-it-up with a great halter top, a pair of stilettos, fringed handbag, with a statement neck piece. The great thing is you can get this look on the cheap@(H&M Pleated skirts only $15.00). This is absolutely ‘Diva-Hot’…….Yes!!!


BOLD FABRICS is just fantastic don’t be scared to mix & match different fabrics with each other, this is what makes dress-up so much fun. Make use of those sheer shirts you have hanging in the closet from last season. Put that graphic tee under the sheer for an artist take on fashion……..Nice!! The bolder, the better pairing them with almost anything you can find in your closet. metallics and very bold prints…………….. Rocked the runway this season, now you can rock it too.   elle-01-XL_1200x800-0206-SpringTrends-1-lgnCROP TOPS is what’s hot, paired with shorts or a skirt bring out the sexy……………for sure. Ladies you’ve worked out all winter long, now you can show off those Abs…..thats for sure. This spring and summer bright and vibrant, crop tops, shiny ones too, this look is sure to please you fashion needs. You can look like the celebrities for less(Forever 21 crop tops $4.80-$22.80) ……….So what will you be wearing?




CULOTTES are back! Cool and relaxing this look is great for work or play. Work this look ladies the culottes have been ‘Find-Tunded’ for 2014. You can get them in Jean, with Fringe, Lace, Chiffon, high waist, long or shorts  ( You can find them for cheap on ebay )  The use of different fabrics, patterns and prints brings this vintage look back strong.     XL_1200x800-0206-SpringTrends-5-lgn


ClASSIC STILETTO  move over chunky round toe shoe, the point is back.   Yes! ladies pull out all your points and pair them with your Culottes, shorts, and fringe skirt add a halter or sheer top…….even better a crop top. With a fabulous handbag and a pair of slingback stilettos………sassy. So whats your look going to be?


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