Whatever Happened To?: What’s Been Up With Jimmy Cozier?

Remember the cutie pie who made “She’s All  I Got”,  Well he’s back with a track that’s on FIYAH!!!  Yup, you guessed right…It’s Jimmy Cozier.  Yes indeed…he is back on the scene with a new track titles “Choose Me” featuring Shaggy.

jimmy cozier

jimmy cozier

In this episode of Whatever Happened To?…one has to wonder where he’s been all this time (truthfully it really does not matter), he’s definitely has not lost his charming good looks while the “Mr. Lover Lover” and “Boombastic” king Shaggy is still on top of his game as well.

We’re just glad HE’S BACK!!

Check out Choose Me:

EarHustle411 is loving the new track, the collaboration with Shaggy is fantastic.  Choose Me is bound to be the summer’s best hit.  Best of luck to him! 

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