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Whatever Happened To? Tanya Blount From Sister Act 2

EarHustle411 is consistently digging around trying to keep up with the whereabouts of people who’ve been out of the public eye for a while.  Media Correspondent SunShyne was taking a short break from reporting to watch some of EarHustle411’s favorite classic movies.  In this episode of Whatever Happened To? we take a look at what’s going on with Tanya Blount from Sister Act 2.

tanya blount

Interestingly enough Tanya started in the industry professionally at the age of 18 with a contract at Polydor and then life begins as we know of her career with her debut in the film Sister Act 2.  Tanya Blount truly blew everyone away with that rich voice and her angelic melodies on her debut album Natural Thing, where the track Through The Rain peaked at #27 on the Billboard R&B chart.


So what has Tanya been up to lately, well she is still singing.  She got married to Michael Trotter, Jr.  a musician and the love of her life.  The two met at an event and it seemed as if Tanya was not giving Michael time of day but as God would join two people together that are like-minded and equally yoked, the two got married and they have 4 gorgeous children together and several life times of happiness.



Tanya (Blount) and Michael Trotter, Jr. are making beautiful music together with their band The War and Treaty and as talented as the two of them are, their music does not fit just one genre not can it be defined and generalized.  Take a look at them in action:

EarHustle411 is glad to see that Tanya Blount is doing well, we wish her and The War and Treaty all they success.  We are glad to see that she is still walking in her favorable “gift”.

Follow The War and Treaty on Instagram: @TheWarAndTreaty

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