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On this episode of Earhustle411’s “Whatever Happened To?” we are highlighting the group Color Me Badd.

CMB was a group of 4 very talented young men all from different backgrounds & ethnicities.  They spawned hits like “I Adore Mi Amor“, “All For Love“and “I Wanna Sex You Up“.  Being part of the “New Jack Swing” era Color Me Badd came on the scene and exploded.  The group consisted of Sam Watters, Kevin Thornton, Bryan Abrams and Mark Calderon, a very sexy mix of men.  So just what are they doing and whatever happened to them.


Color Me Badd is still singing and in 2012 they reunited at least 3 members for a reunion of the music that made them famous however in the course of their lives it would appear that they all “grew up” and unfortunately no one’s life is without drama.

Member Bryan Abrams has had some run-ins with the law.  He had was arrested for domestic violence.  Mark Calderon was still contributing to the music industry with writings and producing.  Kevin Thornton left the group and pursued a life in ministry.  Sam Watters is still doing his thing in the industry as a producer and he also married American Idol Tamyra Gray.

This group has been able to sustain even through the trials of life and Mark Calderon said it best that God has been too good to him and to not acknowledge that goes against everything He is about!! Color Me Badd’s 2 original members Mark and Kevin are touring along with newly added member Martin Kember formerly of the group AZ-1.  An album is scheduled for release in 2014.  Hopefully they will be coming to a town near you soon.

They have a new website www.colormebaddmusic.com.

EarHustle411 wishes the best of luck to Color Me Badd as they continue to go forward with their career. colormebadd

Source: ColorMeBaddMusic.com and Wikipedia


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