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What Would Your Lives Be Like Without These Inventions Made By African- Americans?

The Truth, Lies, Undisputed Facts & Inventions Made By African- Americans

We hear daily that blacks contributed nothing to the world especially in America and that blacks are lazy and will not pull themselves up from their bootstraps. 

Not only did blacks build this country by free forced labor they had to watch generations of their families ripped apart all while being sold into slavery for hundreds of years; they were beaten, castrated, raped and had babies fed to Alligators.

Blacks also had inventions and invention ideas stolen or modified and which now have a white person’s name attached to it.  They’ve been lied to in the education system about who they are and from whence they came.

The Indians were infected with small pox -Blacks created the small pox Vaccine.

Broken bones- no problem Blacks invented the X-Ray Machine.

Deaf and can’t hear- we got that too Blacks invented the Hearing Aide.

Going to war and threats of gas attack – Blacks invented the gas mask.

Driving and come to a busy intersection – we got that as well, Blacks invented the Traffic Signal.

Your heart giving out or clogged arteries-  A Black Doctor performed the first open heart surgery

Equal rights for women – First self-made female millionaire was a black woman.

Raw meat needs cooking – Blacks invented the Cooking Range.

Wet clothes – Blacks invented the clothes dryer.

Grass to high – We can fix that too Blacks invented the lawn mower.

Pencil lead broke- Blacks invented the pencil sharpener.

Trying to write letters -Blacks invented the fountain pen.

Need to demolish a building without explosives Blacks invented the Wrecking ball.

House was to cold- Black invented the Oil Heater.

Need to iron your cloths- Blacks invented the ironing board.

Can’t carry your baby and shop at the same time- Blacks invented the baby carriage.

Is it too dark in your house- Blacks invented the light bulb.

Say what you work on the 90th floor- Yup, Blacks invented the elevator.

The list goes on and on to say the least.  Stereotyping without research only keeps you further blinded and lost.

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