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What Makes Men Remain Faithful When Their Women Are Not Around [VIDEO]

What Makes Men Remain Faithful When Their Women Are Not Around [VIDEO]

Men are going to be men is the old adage that has been said for years.  Is it true that all men cheat? Do all men have that desire to be with multiple women because one woman is simply not enough?

Check out what Michael Fiore has to say about reaming faithful.

According to Michael Fiore a relationship expert; when asked how to keep a man faithful when you’re not around he used an interesting example of a man and his car, even though the man likes his car when going to a social gathering or restaurant he will park his car outside and participate in the event.
He Probably will not be thinking about his car the entire time that he’s in the event and missing it, this doesn’t mean that he does not like his car anymore! Just because he’s not always with it and it’s not always on his mind!

However, there are some guys out there that are just not faithful; they’re not made for a relationship and simply enjoy being single and free. On the other hand some guys enjoy being in a monogamous relationship and being with one person. Even though man kind wasn’t made for a monogamous relationship we choose to be in one just like many other things in life for example man kind wasn’t made to fly.

So it simply comes down to the fact that we should take a hard look at ourselves, and realize that it is really the fear of the fact that he might cheat which is bothering us! If a guy is a cheater he will do it regardless of the fact that your in town or not.

If a guy or girl for that matter cheats once their really not considered a cheater (he believes given the right circumstances anyone will cheat) but, if it’s a continuous pattern of cheating then you do really have a cheater on your hands!




Source: Positivemed

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