WE had a BLAST at “Culture Collide” Lollapalooza’s After Party At The Hard Rock Hotel

EarHustle411 and the writing staff are still recovering from a fantastic time we had during Lollapalooza. We were given an awesome opportunity to become “Lollapalooza-ized” as we were invited to Chicago’s Hard Rock Hotel to cover “Culture Collide” After Parties.  The Hard Rock was certainly the place to be for 2 nights of Lollapalooza Festival.  July 31st festival goers and the media were taken back to the days Kangols, Beat Boxing and Oh, Oh, Oh My God!! That’s right “EarHustlers” hip hop royalty Slick Rick graced the Culture Collide.  We bobbed our heads to some good old-fashioned classic hip hop!!

Slick Rick

Slick Rick (photo credit) SunShyne

Watching Slick Rick do his thing took us back to “once upon a time not long ago when people wore pajamas and lived life slow”…OK we couldn’t resist.  EarHustle411 Media Correspondent SunShyne was in the house, front and center as Slick Rick’s performance got underway.  Check out Slick Rick’s performance with his hype man DJ Kaos:

Day 2 of Culture Collide was just as eventful, the indie group Bleachers rocked the stage real hard and their fans were rocking right along with them and EarHustle411 Media Correspondent Charrisse “Redd” Cannon who has a love for the “indie” artist was totally enjoying herself as the band was doing their thing.


Bleachers (Photo Credit) SunShyne

Bleachers formed in 2014 burst on the scene and won the hearts of many, influenced by the music of the awesome 80s released their first single in February 2014 and they haven’t looked back.  Check them out at Culture Collide:

The event was sponsored by several companies New Amsterdam, Tilly’s, Hard Rock Hotel and a new company called Lyft.  Similar to Uber, Lyft actually allows their riders to make stops along the way to their destinations.  For example, vacationers often want to take photos of landmarks and such while they are on their trip, well Lyft drivers will allow them to do that as long as it is along the route to their destination.  How cool is that?…Media Correspondent “Redd” had a brief conversation with the vendors, check it out:

Lastly, as we prepared to call it a night we had some adoring fans shout us out and we most certainly grab a quick photo of them.  EarHustle411 has a BLAST at the Culture Collide After Party Series, we look forward to doing it next year.


EarHustle411 Fans

EarHustle411 Fans (photo credit) SunShyne

EarHustle Fans

EarHustle411 Fans (photo credit) SunShyne

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