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Watch: A White Gun Fetishist Shoots Himself, Blames Imaginary Black Man



Gun fetishist and low-budget Ted Nugent wannabe, Brent Thomas Posada, nearly won a Besting Actor Darwin Award after the miserably uninformed dolt shot himself in the stomach with a high power air rifle. Idiotic right-wing gun fetishists shooting themselves is not a new phenomenon, but it’s just ever-so hilarious. However, this total waste of carbon just so happened to blame the shooting on an imaginary black man. That’s right — disgruntled white guys now have to stand their ground, even when there’s no ground or black guy.

A few weeks ago, Shasta Regional Medical Center reported a gunshot victim to Redding, California Police. When they arrived at the hospital, Posada initially claimed that he was just minding his own business on a sidewalk when a black man approached his and pointed a handgun at his head. The gun fetishist, that not even his own mother could love, proceeded to say that he “pushed the gun to his side and was shot in his abdomen“.

He had described the black male suspect as 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, and in his late 20s. Posada said that the man had been “wearing a black hoodie-style sweatshirt, blue jeans and black, high-top shoes with silver stripes,” the The Record Search Light reported. (CrooksandLiars)

Since everyone knows invisible black guys in dark hoodies are way more dangerous, the police pursued the case based on the gun nut’s story. But they became suspicious after discovering no blood on the sidewalk.

But wait, the gun nut actually shot himself on purpose.

This is when Posada changed his story and  told Redding police that he intentionally shot himself with a high-power air rifle in in his apartment on Feb. 1, according to The Record Search Light. Consequently, the case was brought to the Shasta County Prosecutor’s office to determine if charges will be filed.

With the wound location, one must wonder exactly what he was doing with that gun of his. Perhaps he was showing it more love than your typical gun nut?

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Source: www.addictinginfo.org

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