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Watch: Old White Guy Goes Ballistic Over Eric Garner’s Death [Video]

Watch: Old white guy goes ballistic over Eric Garner’s death


We’ve never seen The Angry Grandpa Show, but it appears to be pretty funny.  This old guy seems to speak what’s on his mind and doesn’t hold any punches.

In this video, he’s going ballistic about the Eric Garner video.  He starts off calmly lighting a cigarette and talking about how Eric was harassed by police for stopping a fight.  He then says that, from reading the police report, and comparing it to what he saw on the video, he felt like he was reading two different stories.

That’s when the real craziness begins.  The Angry Grandpa starts yelling into the camera like crazy.  “The New York Police Department, ya’ll think ya’ll God!”

That’s when he starts going crazy about what the cops did to Eric, cussing, yelling and screaming like nobody’s business.  The video apparently got the attention of a lot of people, since it has over half a million views on the first couple of days.

He even takes a baseball bat to his own furniture. His son is in the background asking him to calm down, but we don’t know if this is part of the show or not. He actually does seem pretty concerned.

It’s actually pretty interesting, take a look.  At least he’s not afraid to show that he’s as angry as the rest of us.  Maybe it’s time for a change.  Not that we think that anything about Garner’s death is funny, but sometimes you have to laugh a little bit to keep from crying.  #NoJusticeNoPeace.

Source: Yourblackworld

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