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‘I Want to Move All The N*ggers’: Teacher Suspended After Calling Students Racial Slur

‘I Want to Move All The N*ggers’: Teacher Suspended After Calling Students Racial Slur


A California teacher has been suspended after she reportedly reseated all of the black students in her class and explained that she wanted to “move all the n*ggers.”

Officials say Bernadette Yuson used a racial slur in front of her class on September 3.

Student LaRue Bell reportedly asked her, “How come you’re moving all the black people around?”

She replied, “Because I want to move all the n*ggers.”When the student told her he would report her to the administration, he says Yuson said, “Go ahead and tell them. I’ve got a lawyer and pay him every month.”

Community leaders called for the teacher to be fired at a recent San Bernadino town hall.

“If you can refer to our kids as being n*ggers, then you don’t need to teach them,” said A. Marjadi, the vice president of the San Bernadino NAACP branch.

The student also says that the principal initially ignored his complaint.

“He said ‘just focus on school, because in the long run, none of this is going to matter,” the student told CBS Los Angeles.

The school district has suspended Yuson and released a statement saying, “We can assure the public that the district took the student’s complaint serious and at no time did any district employee minimize the gravity of the impact of the teacher’s words.”

The boy’s mother says, “I want her to be fired because it’s like she’s just getting away with it. I want something done, because I don’t feel this is right.”

Source: Latest.com

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