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Walmart Under Fire Again Over Policies And Work Conditions As Workers Protest Outside Company Headquarters

Some Walmart employees protested outside the Bentonville, Arkansas welfare office to raise awareness about conditions for certain employees who struggle to earn a living with the company.

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Anthony Leal says he’s worked with Walmart for more than five years – yet still needs to rely on government assistance to make ends meet.
A spokesman for the group “Expose Walmart” says there are workers like Leal all over the country, and a business as big as Walmart should give employees enough to avoid any need for financial help from Uncle Sam.

A separate group of Walmart employees delivered a petition yesterday with more than 70,000 signatures to the home office seeking an updated paid family-leave policy for all employees.

A sales associate from South Carolina was in Northwest Arkansas to personally deliver the petition. She’s an expectant mom and says it’s unfair that only full-time employees get paid leave.

“We’re asking for just a better policy to where people can actually stay at home and don’t have to go back to work after two weeks after they’ve just had a newborn child and then they’re going to be spending more time at Walmart than at home,” says Liz Loudermilk, a Walmart associate in South Carolina.

Walmart released a statement saying in part — “our leave and paid time off policies offer stability, as well as flexibility to help them deal with the unforeseen.”

Source: Ozarks First

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