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Waller County, Texas Jail Invaded By Armed Black Panthers Chanting “Pigs Are Gonna Get Dead” [video]

The Black Panthers are not playing, they have made themselves visible in Waller County, Texas.  They went there locked and loaded and thankfully there was not any violent exchange going on.  Those in law enforcement should be concerned because more and more demonstrations like this are likely to occur and rightfully so, the African-American community are tired of being sick and tired of the “activities” and unnecessary uses of force on the people. Everyone has a right to voice their concerns let’s just pray that when black people do they don’t end up on the receiving side of a bullet!!

Read more and check out the video as reported by America’s Freedom Fighters:

black panthers

Armed with AK-47’s, AR-15’s and assorted firearms the Panthers were met with a sizable force of law enforcement including about 75 deputies. Around 10 horse mounted crowd-control deputies and approximately 30 crowd-control deputies in riot gear were there to greet the angry mob.

BOB PRICE at Breitbart reports that there was a disturbance at the Sheriff’s Office last weekend where these protesters actually stormed the office and needed to be physically removed. Reportedly, several people were injured as a result including Deputies.

Supposedly this is the reaction to the controversial death of a prisoner Sandra Bland who hung herself in her cell. The blacks say that she was murdered by the cops. Evidence seems to point to the contrary.

The Black Panthers marched into the street in front of the jail chanting “Whose streets?… Our streets!”

black panthers

During one of the chants the group shouted in a back and forth marching style cadence song:

The revolution is on, said the chant leader. Off the pigs, the group chanted back. The chant continues, Time to pick up the gun… Off the pigs. No more pigs in my community… Off the pigs. No more brothers in jail… Off the pigs. No more sisters in jail… Off the pigs. The pigs are gonna get scared… Off the pigs. The pigs are gonna get dead… Off the pigs.

Ebonics folks. 

In other chants the group shouted “All power to the people; Whose streets, Our streets; and Freedom or Death.”

In another video segment they chanted “Freedom or Death” and the yell leaders shouted “We want our damn freedom. We don’t want no more of your God D*mn legislation.”

First of all you have your freedom. Simply be good little citizens. Perhaps get employed or start a business. I have found that to be beneficial.

Secondly, don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. That is not the way to earn a ticket to heaven.

Thirdly, our country has legislation and laws that are designed to protect law abiding citizens. Are they perfect? Far from it however they ARE the laws and if you would like them changed, you are going about it all wrong.

How do these people afford these nice firearms anyways? Oh wait- there’s a lot of money in selling drugs to our youth, robbery, theft, burglary and other wonderful activities. And of course, in the bigger picture let’s not forget to mention that these people are financed by left-wing organizations and demented celebrities.

My colleague and good friend Sean Brown at Mad World News adds some excellent points:

When armed members of the Oath Keepers went to Ferguson, Missouri to help keep the peace during the one-year anniversary of the justified shooting of Michael Brown, the left went nuts and suggested the only reason police didn’t shoot them is because they were white. Yet, here we see in Texas that a heavily-armed group of black terrorists, who intended on provoking police, seemed to escape without injury. Interesting, isn’t it?

He’s got a point you know.

black panthers

While their chants were disgusting and their suggestion to kill police is utterly disturbing, they didn’t actually threaten anybody with physical violence, so police had no reason to shoot them. See how that works?

Anyways, the people protesting Bland’s death have obviously fallen into the trap of another lie – that Bland was murdered by police, despite their being overwhelming evidence that she killed herself in her cell. So in turn, they’re showing up at the jail and making borderline terroristic threats against law enforcement, yet not a single arrest was made, and nobody sees an issue with that?

Source: America’s Freedom Fighters

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