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A Virginia Mom Is Urging Parents To Think Twice Before Sharing Photos Of Their Children On The Internet



A Virginia mom is urging parents to think twice before sharing photos of their children on the Internet after an innocent photo of her 8-year-old son and 2-year-old twin daughters were turned into offensive Instagram memes.

“This has taught me a lesson,” Ciara Logan of Virginia told CBS 6. “My message is share them with the ones you love via text message,” she said. “Get a page that is for family only, and private your page.”

The mom of three says that she was first alerted to the memes after a stranger liked three photos on her Instagram page that did not feature her children. After visiting the stranger’s page to learn more about him, she was shocked to see that he’d featured a photo of her children that she captured on Father’s Day.

“As I scrolled through his pictures, I saw this picture of my children,” Ciara said.

The images included captions and hash- tags that implied many negative things about her children—including that her son is a predator.

“To insinuate that my son is a pimp — or that my son is selling cars — because he has on a suit and he has two little girls with him — or to hashtag, ‘keep him away from those girls,’ as if to say my son is a predator,” Ciara expressed. “He’s an eight-year-old boy who is very caring, very loving, very nourishing, very protective of his sisters,” she continued. Ciara’s mother, Louise Logan, also expressed outrage over the images.“To have someone display my grandchildren, with so much negative connotations and distastefulness…. I was just in awe, and it needs to stop,” she said. After discovering the images, Ciara immediately contacted the poster and requested that they be removed. The poster, however, did not comply with her request. Instead, he blocked her, made his page private and changed his username. She also reached out to Instagram, who told her to immediately remove all photos of her children from her page as a precaution.


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