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Video- Wow!!! Teen Talks About Catching His Own 40-Yard Pass

gary haynes


It’s not often we see videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Vine where someone does something miraculous and we don’t immediately say it’s fake.

There is a video that has gone viral online that shows a young teenager 17 Year old Gary Haynes who threw a 45 yard pass to himself which was recorded by his friend and was able to run fast enough to catch it.

gary haynes 1

They posted the video on You-tube an the rest was history.
“I didn’t think it was gonna blow up to be this big to be honest,” admitted Haynes. “I just kept hearing my phone going off and looked at it and it was twitter from ESPN, Sports Nation.” Gary is also quoted as saying,” if you give me a thousand dollars, I will do it again. Until then, continue watching the video”.

Many thought this video was a hoax until he was challenged to do it again.  Check out the video and view for yourself.


Check out the video below



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